Digital Learning at Yens Academy

Digital Learning is reshaping education, and we at Yen’s are integrating technology into our classes to create a FUN and ENGAGING learning experience for all our students. 2020 is going to be an exciting Academic Year as we add NewsEd and Kahoot! to our growing basket of Teaching Tools

Breaking News:

Yen’s Academy is proud to announce that our English Department is officially implementing NewsEd by The Straits Times as a part of its curriculum!

NewsEd is a new award-winning app by the Straits Times that is used by a niche pool of just 22 MOE Primary & Secondary schools and Junior Colleges. Yen’s Academy is proud to be one of a handful of private learning centres to swim with the best.

We can’t wait to dive into news centric learning with our students! Get ready for some BIG FUN splashes!

Our students can look forward to QUIZZES thanks to Kahoot!, Kahoot! is the latest in our treasure of digital tools to make learning FUN for our kids. By using Kahoot!, our English, Math and Science tutors are able to test their students effectively in an EXCITING and COMPETITIVE way!

KooBits is all about engaging the digital kids and that is why Yen’s uses KooBits in our Math classes! It is FUN and interactive and helps our tutors track the progress of our students based on learning objectives. What an innovative way to make Math FUN again!

We have been the first tuition centre to use KooBits in an engaging way regularly for our lessons and homework since 2018 and will continue to blaze ahead, Join us for the interactive Math ride!

Partners and Technology Platforms

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