A Good Citizen



(This composition is inspired by abridged news articles on upskirt video crimes from The Straits Times’ NewEd App which Is used at Yen’s Academy to Inspire writing and knowledge of current affairs)

Mr Tay glanced at his watch for the umpteenth time.  The beast in his stomach growled impatiently.  “Lunch time!  Me hungry!  Feed me!”  Mr Tay walked as briskly as he could to the food court in Bishan’s most popular shopping centre – Junction 8.  He whispered a prayer to the Food Gods that he would be able to beat the ravenous lunch crowd. 

As Mr Tay stood on the escalator, he tapped his feet impatiently.  “Please hurry!  I’m starving!” he muttered under his breath.  As he stared ahead, moaning and groaning, Mr Tay noticed the man in front of him holding his phone at an extremely weird angle.  Mr Tay’s curiosity was piqued so he observed the man’s strange behaviour for a while more.  The longer he studied the man’s actions, the more uneasy he grew. 

Sensing something amiss, he realised that the man was filming underneath the skirt of the woman in front of him.  Mr Tay immediately saw red.  How could anyone outrage the modesty of a woman like that?  In a fit of anger, Mr Tay snatched the mobile phone from the suspect’s outstretched hand, pushed past the offender, and scrambled to the top of the escalator where he waited to ambush the vile man.

Mr Tay did not consider himself an athletic person so he was most surprised when he lunged forward, delivering a flying kick that Jackie Chan would be proud of.  The man tumbled forward and landed face-down on the floor.  Mr Tay let out a triumphant war cry and pounced on the man to restrain him.

“Help!  Someone call the police!  I’m sitting on a disgusting pervert!” Mr Tay wheezed, winded from his physical activity.  Passers-by immediately whipped out their mobile phones and called the police.  Shortly after, the men in blue arrived.  Mr Tay heaved a sigh of relief.  He did not know how long more he could keep the burly man pinned beneath him.  He quickly related all of the events to the police as calmly as he could.  He then handed over the man’s phone.  

“That was some quick thinking, Mr Tay!  Well done!  We need more good Samaritans like you!” the police praised him.  

Mr Tay turned red with embarrassment.  “I was only doing what’s right!” 

After looking through the man’s phone, the police confirmed Mr Tay’s suspicions.  He was indeed a serial upskirt offender.  One of the police officers handcuffed the wrongdoer and they led him to the police car.  The man hung his head low while suffering the walk of shame.  He tried to avoid the crowd of curious onlookers who had gathered to take pictures and videos. 

One month later, Mr Tay was lauded for his act of heroism.  The assistant commissioner of Police presented him with the Public Spiritedness Award.  Mr Tay’s photograph and story were featured in The Straits Times.  Mr Tay puffed up with pride and hoped that ordinary people just like him would be inspired by his actions.  If everyone does their part, Singapore will be a safe country with no more crime! 

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